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    Denne side byder på en ret fin måde at lave brain break på. Det må jeg selv prøve, en sjov og nem måde.

    Se eksempler her:

    1. Simon Says: It’s a classic and students love it!
    2. Crab Walk around the Room: Put on a song and have students walk in the CRAB POSITION around the room.  At some point, have students go in reverse.
    3. Macarena: Teach students the hand movements for the old-school song!   You can find the song for free on YouTube.
    4. Ants Go Marching: Most kids know this children’s song.  Play the song and let the kids march around the room at different speeds…Slow-motion march, fast march, etc.
    5. Cupid Shuffle: This dance isn’t just fun at weddings!  You can find the song and dance on YouTube.  It may take students a few tries to learn it, but you will inevitably have a natural dancer in the group that can help other students learn.

    Find flere på hendes hjemmeside: http://www.thehappyteacher.co/2012/08/brain-breaks.html


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